The workshop will build around and is expecting contributions from the attendees related to the following themes:

Enhancing the public transportation travel experiences. In what way can new travel services enhance the overall experience of using public transportation, of using different public transportation modes? Utilising hardware add-ons, extensions and customisation to create new experiences to public transport. Novel applications or interaction techniques for public transport.

New services for future public transportation. Future public transportation may be a matter of a widening the concept from public to collective transportation. What are the implications of such a development on the content and design of travel services?

Increasing public transportation use. In what way can new travel services motivate an increase in public transportation use? What are the challenges?

Co-design in the context of public transportation. How can travelers participate in the development of new travel services? What can we learn from travelers and how can this knowledge be integrated in the development and design of new travel services? What could be the role of e.g. crowd-sourcing?

We invite stories of successful and unsuccessful studies around these themes. Position papers without empirical work addressing novel ideas or conceptual frameworks are also welcome.

The topics can include or combine issues such as:
  • Interactive service design principles, e.g. gamification, sustainable HCI and persuasion;
  • New interaction styles, e.g. based on public displays;
  • Context-awareness and location-based services;
  • Supporting social interaction in public transportation;
  • Services that support the whole transportation chain
  • New approaches to payments;
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS);
  • Participatory design and user involvement methods tailored for public transportation